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Located in the scenic Indian Trail Area in Spokane Washington, our home is located in a cul-de-sac away from traffic and noise. The home has a large living room where residents can spend time socializing. All bedrooms connect to the living room to reduce confusion and have ease of access. Residents with Dementia will be monitored closely and 2 staff will always work together to keep the residents safe and allow them opportunities to walk and enjoy the area with a companion.

At Providence Senior Home, we take great pride in offering an elevated senior care experience that encompasses a wide range of services tailored and comfortable accommodations to meet the unique needs of our residents. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every corner of our facility, from the thoughtfully designed living spaces to the engaging activities that foster a sense of community.

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Every inch of our facility has been meticulously designed to ensure a comfortable and home-like environment for our residents. We believe that a nurturing living space is essential for promoting well-being, which is why our accommodations exude warmth and coziness. Each living area is designed with our residents’ comfort in mind, providing them with a sense of security and tranquility.


Your Guide to the Providence Senior Home Facility

Discover the essence of Providence Senior Home through our frequently asked questions. As you explore our offerings, gain insights into what sets us apart, the array of services we provide, our commitment to comfort and engagement, our approach to family involvement, and our dedication to affordability without compromising quality. This FAQ is your roadmap to understanding the enriching senior living experience we offer. If your curiosity extends beyond these questions, our compassionate team is readily available to provide further assistance and address any inquiries you may have. Your journey to discovering the exceptional awaits at Providence Senior Home.

Providence Senior Home distinguishes itself through a commitment to compassionate care, expert nursing staff, personalized care plans, and a range of services tailored to individual needs. Our warm and inviting environment ensures that residents receive exceptional senior care in Spokane, WA.

Our facility offers a comprehensive array of services, including diabetes care, dementia care, Alzheimer's disease care, mental health care, and personalized care plans. We also provide respite care options, rehabilitation services, and 24/7 supervision, ensuring holistic well-being for our residents.

We believe that comfort is essential for well-being. Our facility offers comfortable accommodations designed to emulate a home-like atmosphere. Each living space is thoughtfully curated to provide security and tranquility, fostering a sense of belonging for our residents.

At Providence Senior Home, social engagement is a priority. We offer a variety of activities that cater to diverse interests, promoting connections among residents. From memory care programs to social activities for seniors, our engaging initiatives contribute to a vibrant community.

We value family involvement and collaboration. Open communication and strong family bonds are integral to our approach. Families are encouraged to actively engage in their loved one's journey, contributing to personalized care plans and fostering a supportive, inclusive environment.

Yes, we are committed to providing high-quality senior care at affordable rates. We believe that exceptional care should be accessible to all, and our dedication to affordable senior living ensures that residents receive top-tier services without compromising their financial well-being.

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Have questions about our assisted living services? Interested in scheduling a visit to Providence Senior Home? Feel free to reach out to us. We’re dedicated to providing the best senior care and welcoming you to our community. Conveniently located in Spokane, WA, we’re easily accessible, and our team is here to address your inquiries with warmth and expertise.


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