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At Providence Senior Home, we understand that finding the perfect assisted living facility for your loved ones is a significant decision. We’re here to provide the best senior care services, tailored to meet individual needs. Our dedicated team offers compassionate and knowledgeable support, ensuring your family members receive the care they deserve in a comfortable and home-like environment.

We believe in educating families and caregivers about the well-being of their loved ones. To learn more about recognizing the signs of elder abuse, click here.

Rehabilitation Services for Wellbeing

Our rehabilitation services contribute to residents' overall wellbeing, aiding in recovery and maintaining independence.

Stronger Together with Family Engagement

We believe in the power of family engagement, creating a strong support network within our senior living community.


Providence Senior Home, Experts in Memory Care

Experience top-quality care at affordable rates, making comfortable senior living in our adult family home achievable. Nurturing Minds, Enriching Lives Our memory care programs at Providence Senior Home create enriching experiences for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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What happy clients say about us.

Best Senior Home Care, Your Family's Trusted Choice

When it comes to senior care excellence, Providence Senior Home stands out as a trusted and experienced assisted living facility in Spokane, WA. With a deep commitment to providing compassionate care, our team ensures that each resident’s unique needs are met, making their stay comfortable and fulfilling.

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

With a focus on memory preservation, our Alzheimer's and Dementia care programs offer specialized support and care.

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Personalized Care Plans for All

Offering individually tailored care plans to meet the unique needs of each resident at our Providence Senior Home of Spokane.

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Nutritious Dining, Joyful Meals

Delight in nutritious and joyful dining experiences that bring our community together at Providence Senior Home

Why Familys Choose Us

Expert Senior Care in Spokane Washington

Experience expert senior care at Providence Senior Home, your trusted assisted living adult family home in Spokane, WA.

Peace of Mind, 24/7

Ensure peace of mind for families with 24/7 supervision and support at Providence Senior Home.

Skilled Nursing: Expert Care

Our skilled nursing staff at Providence Senior Home delivers expert care, combining skill with genuine compassion.

Connecting Seniors Through Social Activities

Build connections and camaraderie through engaging social activities for seniors.

Comfortable Home-Like Living

Create memories in comfortable, home-like accommodations at Providence Senior Home, where every resident matters.

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Have questions about our assisted living services? Interested in scheduling a visit to Providence Senior Home? Feel free to reach out to us. We’re dedicated to providing the best senior care and welcoming you to our community. Conveniently located in Spokane, WA, we’re easily accessible, and our team is here to address your inquiries with warmth and expertise.


8920 N Pamela St, Spokane, WA 99208

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Kindly share information about your loved one in the message section below. Expect to hear from us within the next 24 hours as we strive to provide prompt and personalized assistance based on your input. Your loved one’s well-being is our priority.